Are you experiencing sexual or relationship difficulties?

Are you experiencing sexual or relationship difficulties? Do you feel that you have little or no control over your sexual desires and behaviours? Are these having a negative impact on your relationships, work and finances? If so, you are not alone. At Sex Therapy Lancashire, our team of  psychotherapists can help you make sense of the issues that are causing your sexual problems. Together we can help you discover ways of overcoming the issues.

Our consulting room is based in Preston. Our service is discreet and confidential.  We use a range of talking therapies to help you work through your sexual difficulties as well as working to relevant professional codes of practice. Please take some time to explore our website and discover more about the types of sexual problems our experienced therapists can help you understand and overcome.

Sex Therapy

Our psychosexual service helps couples and individuals improve their sex lives, emotional intimacy and physical relationships. We offer relationship counselling, helping people with sexual dysfunctions and those who have experienced sexual trauma.

Sex Addiction

Is your sexual behaviour out of control? Is it taking over your life, interfering with work, relationships and finances? Find out how to recognise the signs, symptoms and possible causes and the treatments we offer to help you conquer your addiction.

Supervision and Research

Our team of qualified and experienced therapists can provide clinical supervision for psychosexual therapists, trainees, sex addiction therapists, counsellors and other helping professionals. Contact us to disscuss your supervision requirements.

Sex Therapy Lancashire

We offer Marriage Counselling, Relationship Counselling and Couples counselling. Relationship problems such as an affair, infidelity, love affair or illicit affairs are relationship difficulties that can be helped by relationship counselling. Sex and Porn addiction is a term that describes sexual activity that feels overwhelming or out of control. Engaging in specific sexual activities, having many partners, looking at porn or engaging in cyber-sex does not make a person a sex addict. Neither does having a high sex drive. Here at Sex Therapy Lancashire, we believe that what is important is when someone feels that they are no longer in control of their  sexual activity. This is likely to result in harm to themselves, a partner, or to family and friends and their professional standing. Therefore, sex addiction is not defined by the activity itself but by the possible negative effects on the individual’s and families quality of life.